What is Tilburg Trading Club?

An investing club for students by students!


Learn how to invest your own money together with a group. Therefore we have bi-weekly meetings. Here we discuss new investing opportunities and the latest news on our portfolio.

Guest lectures

Get in touch with companies from the industry. We regularly organize meetings with very interesting companies. This may be in the form of a guest lecture, a real life case or a company visit.

Pitch companies

Lear how to analyze a company and pitch it to the rest of the group. The group will help you by asking the right questions after your presentation. This leads to a well-funded discussion.

Informal activities

In addition to all the formal and learning aspects, we find it important to have a good time with each other. Therefore we have regularly drinks, city trips or other fun activities.

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Investing with TTC is an investment in you!

Tilburg Trading Club is an investment club founded in 2013. The club is created for ambitious students who have affinity with finance and want enhance their investing skills. In our bi-weekly meetings we discuss the latest financial news, review our portfolio and some members pitch new investment opportunities. After these pitches we have a discussion and vote whether we should buy/sell/hold the financial product. Together with our members we hold a portfolio which only consist of personal funds. Next to our regular meetings we have from time to time guest lectures of professionals e.g. a technical analyst, Deloitte corporate finance. Besides, Tilburg Trading Club organise several activities e.g. TTC trip, investment banking training by a Dubai based bank and TTC drinks.

  • Investing your own money
  • Learn how to pitch a company
  • Meet companies
  • Informal activities

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